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Morland Facts
Founded: 1886
Elevation: 2310 feet
Latitude: 39° 20' 58"N
Longitude: 100° 4' 31"W
  · 164 (2000)
  · 234 (1990)
  · 332 (1928)
School District: 280 
ZIP Code: 67650
Area Code: 785
County Code: GH

Morland, Kansas water tower. Photo by Susan Howell.
Welcome to Morland! Nestled among the hills in the beautiful Solomon River Valley, the pages of the area's colorful history unfold from the time it was covered by an inland sea.  Imagine a landscape dotted with palm trees and rhinoceros, camel and horses foraging in lush grasses and you have the compelling vision of the Miocene era eight to ten million years ago.
The Solomon River at Morland, KS. Cheyenne, Kiowa, Arapahoe, Sioux, Plains Apache, Kansa and Pawnee have all left their footprints along the Solomon River as they tended crops of corn, beans and squash in 1000 AD and hunted the plentiful game in this rich and fertile valley.
Historical records reflect the story of a unique and colorful battle fought nearby Morland in 1857 between the U S Army and the Cheyenne.  Area historians have long debated the exact location of the battle and point to where artifacts have been discovered to document their claims.
A number of dwellings and commercial buildings constructed at the turn of the century are still in use today and testify to the determination of the settlers of the community to make this their home.
Today's Morland is still a lively community and offers:
Relief on the front of the Citizens State Bank in Morland, KS  
  • A truly neat relief on the front of the Citizens State Bank reflecting the paleontology of the area.  Stop in at the bank and see the work of local artists and an unusal collection of comic books.
  • A park beside the Solomon River with playgrounds and a unique "pony bridge."
We invite you to stop by, share our history, and get acquainted.
Downtown Morland, Kansas. Photo by Susan Howell.
Downtown Morland, Kansas

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